Advanced stage cervical cancer: What are treatment options?

Posted by han @han, Sep 2 10:04pm

My mum has been diagnosed with the advanced stage of cervical cancer. She underwent a surgery two weeks ago but now the doctor says it has spread to the cervix and other parts. They can't do any further surgery so she just has to live with it. Can this really be true? I need to save my mum.

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@han. This must be so very difficult for you to hear about your mother. I'm wondering what options are available for your mother after surgery.

While additional surgery might be not an option did the doctors talk with your mother and your family about additional treatment? This would include radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy options? There are many treatments that can manage and treat but not cure cervical cancer that has spread (metastatic disease).

Are you located near a Comprehensive Cancer Center? Do your mother and family want another opinion at Mayo Clinic? Here is the website where you can see if Mayo Clinic can help.


Thanks for your concern.
Unfortunately the doctor said neither the chemotherapy nor the radiotherapy will make any difference.
Where we are too, there isn't any comprehensive cancer treatment center that I am aware of.
My faith now is in God.

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