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Cerebral aneurysm patients with metal clip in head

Posted by @tf, Aug 19, 2012

I had emergency surgery 23 years ago at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. It was 99% diagnosed that I had received the aneurysm due to going through hard child labor for first child born.
I have done excellent since having the surgery but lately find that I can’t remember like I use to. My grown up children tease me, my husband also laughs at time but it is really troubling me.
Is it possible that I will have growth around the metal clip in my head, in which I cannot have a MRI done because of the clip being metal, that could cause me to have loss of memory? Or acquire any other obstacle, issue, etc… because of this clip? Is there a chance that the repaired blood vessel will give out?

I appreciate any feedback on this. I’m sure it is rare for most but with the aging process am concern with the memory issue at hand and also numerous days feel nausated and the left side of my face/head feels heavy at times.

Thanks for your reply to my questions.

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