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Posted by @susanhouse1952, Sep 5, 2012

Has anyone ever come off of Celexa. How was your experience with this drug?



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Posted by @taogirl2, Sep 5, 2012

Partner and I have been taking for 10 yrs. Partner tried to wing herself of on her own and suffered a nervous breakdown. Do work with a Dr. or therepist if considering getting off the drug.


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Posted by @piglit, Sep 9, 2012

I agree with taogirl2 that any change in medication always check with dr first,


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Posted by @teri15, Sep 6, 2012

Hi Susan, I was on celexa for a short time. It wasn’t helping my depression at all, so the doc pulled me off of it. I didn’t have any problems coming off of it.


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Posted by @kramer, Sep 9, 2012

Hey I am on that drug and I take myself off it all the time I do get any side effects from it


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Posted by @nurselady, Sep 9, 2012

As a nurse, I say wean yourself off. Don’t play Russian roulette with your brain chemicals. Full dose one day alternated with 1/2 dose next day, for 5-7 days. Then 1/2 dose daily for 5-7 days and so on and so forth.
If the med isn’t working for you, go to the dr, explain, and get something else. He/she will let you know best way of weaning too.


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Posted by @nurselady, Sep 9, 2012

I meant wean slowly if you decide to do this.


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Posted by @nancyfb, Oct 14, 2012

I came off celexa cold turkey…I found that I was too groggy…had 2 car accidents while being on it. …started going to the gym 4 times per week and feel so much better…did the 1/2 marathon last sunday…

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