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Cecum Polyp or 'stump'

Posted by @bobbiemarie in Digestive Health, Nov 13, 2011

I had a virtual colonoscopy which revealed a 7mm polyp in my cecum near the ileocecal valve. I've also read that sometimes, when someone has had an appendectomy decades ago, that on a CT colonoscopy, the "stump", left by the appendectomy, could masquerade as a polyp. Has anyone had any experience with this? My primary care physician now wants me to have a colonoscopy to have this polyp removed and biopsied, but I really don't want to have to go through the prep and the colonoscopy unnecessarily.

I've also read where 7mm polyps are small enough where they don't necessarily have to be removed, but monitored every few years. I've also read that cecum polyps can only be removed through surgery, along with part of the colon. So, you can see why I'm apprehensive about going through all this if my polyp could be a "stump" left over from my appendectomy.

Any help and information would be greatly appreciated.


Posted by @nativefloridian, Nov 17, 2011

My husband had polyps in his colon, discovered through colonoscopy. Sounds like that's your next step.


Posted by @lynnc, Nov 25, 2011

Mayo can remove a 7mm polyp by EMR Colonoscopy (a colonoscopy for larger polyps) - no surgery involved. Make an appointment with Mayo GI to schedule EMR.


Posted by @margareto, Mar 4, 2012

can Mayo remove a 50mm flat polyp in cecum? who should perform such surgery. many thanks.


Posted by @lynnc, Mar 4, 2012

I would definitely contact Mayo GI Department with your question. If your problem can be resolved by EMR, it is similar to a colonoscopy. Mayo has many capable doctors able to resolve your problem.


Posted by @margareto, Mar 27, 2012

many thanks for reply. margareto

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