CBD oil and Mobic

Posted by bigjeff @bigjeff, May 7, 2019

Can you take mobic or Advil with cbd oil?

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Hello @bigjeff. While we wait for other members to share if they have any experience with this combination, it is important to remember that we are not medical professionals on Mayo Clinic Connect. It is best practice to speak with a pharmacist or your medical provider to get the safest, most accurate information on combinations of drugs and supplements.

@bigjeff, if you are comfortable sharing, is there a source of your chronic pain?


Hello @bigjeff-I have been taking Diclofenac, a prescription NSAID formerly called Voltaren, for ten years following neck surgery that had a horrible outcome. As I understand from many physicians since, Diclofenac is a stronger dose than OTC products like Advil, but is in the same class. With that as a preface, I have recently begun using CBD oil along with the Diclofenac, and I have asked your question to my new Pain Clinic doctor at Mayo. His answer was that there isn't much research yet into the effects of CBD in combination with other medications, but he did not attempt to dissuade me from using both simultaneously.

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