CBD. Anyone have any experience with CBD and neuropathy?

Posted by sjhedcon @sjhedcon, May 10, 2020

Would appreciate anyone responding with suggestions ref. using CBD both topically and orally.

HI @sjhedcon, I have been diagnosed with mild idopathic peripheral neuropathy in my feet. I've tried CBD salve and CBD gummies and neither have had any effect. Everything I've read indicates that every one responds differently. So, you may want to give it a try. I bought my "Nature's Love Organic TopicalReLeaf Salve" CBD salve from "www.natureslove.org" The gummies from "https://plusproductscbd.com" neither worked for me. I also tried DMSO cream and that also didn't work


Thanks for your info. Sorry you had no success. Has anything really helped?


CBD Salves and ointments come in many variations in strengths and bases, and I have found one that works almost immediately for the intense burning from toes to above my knees and my hands. However, it has little or no effect on deeper stabbing pains. I find that taking higher strength CBD oil taken sublingually helps a bit with pain, but does more to calm my response to the pain. If neither is helping or bothering you, I suggest that you do not scratch it off your list for use as the disease progresses.

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