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caregiving for a person with ACL and HEP C,and continues to drink

Posted by @ro, Aug 7, 2011

i would love to find some ppl who have or are in this situation. Watching a person destroy themselves this way is sometimes difficult t watch.



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Posted by @osuche, Aug 12, 2011

Contact AL-ANON, for families of alcoholics and substance dependence/abuse.
Do it NOW.

I have 23 years of sobriety and can assure you someone there can help,support and direct you to the appropriate resource.

Also, Depending on where you live, many hospitals now have outreach centers. I recently visited one with regard to an aging parent who refused to deal with their unmanageable life. EXTREMELY helpful…

Best of luck,

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Posted by @jadee, Oct 17, 2011

Hi, I went through this about 4 years ago and I know how frustrating and heart wrenching this can be. I just can’t imagine something having such a hold on you that you choose to continue to self destruct. It has to be pure hell. At least now I find comfort in knowing he has peace and no longer has to fight the demons of alcoholism.

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