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Cardiac Arrest Survival

Posted by @trango11, Feb 25, 2012

At the end of January 2011 I had an Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest. This was after a complete annual physical at Mayo that indicated no problems

Remarkably, I was treated and cured, so five stents later, I am fully cognizant, playing golf (still badly) and back at work.

I would be interested in communicating with anyone else who has had a similar experience. I would like to compare notes on treatment, outlook, future tests etc.



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Posted by @amazinggrace, Jun 27, 2012

my husband had cardiac arrest right in front of the emergency room door. He was revived three times.
Was doing good, but had shortness of breath at times.
This last year though, we have been back and forth to hospital with a few new problems = two stents added, ablation, due to rapid heart beat and lately, and just recently, he was back in hospital with fluid retention. He is doing better with change of meds and a new diet with less sodium and exercise.
Supposed to start out slowly with exercise. It has been a real challenge trying to keep him healthy but he is still breathing and still here wit h us.
Thanks to God.
Good luck to you also, = number one important fact, do not be afraid to go to hospitals =- they save your life and help you. My husband w as avoiding doctors for many years and now he sees them often.
Number one cause of blocked arteries is smoking and he did smoke years ago, two packs a day. The whole family smoked so the house was loaded with smoke fumes.
Good luck to you. If you have anymore questions, my email is listed.


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Posted by @raderdude, Oct 15, 2012

Trango11, I had my cardiac arrest/heart attack/v Tach not sure which is correct Jan of this year.
I was at work responding to a fight(I work at a prison) and stopped running,took 3 wobbly steps and fell flat on my face,so not only dealing with the heart thing I broke bones on my face. orbital bones broke,nose broke and my jaw is out of alignment I think.
They put in a defibrillator and 1 stent in at that time. I went back to work 6 weeks later (too soon I found out). the prison is not the best place to live a stress free life.
In July while at the gym on the treadmill my defibrillaot shocked me twice,hurt like hell.
Turns out I had another artery blocked at 95%. In jan at the time of my heart attack that artery was at 25% blockage. This happened while taking the meds ????
I had another two stents put in and have been fine since,still not back to work.
According to the therapist I am seeing I am suffering from PTSD,I said really ? She said its natural after almost being on my death bed twice in 6 months.
I would recommend getting checked out at least every 3/6 months. Thats what my Dr does.

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