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Carcinoid Tumor, Diverticulitis (Meckel’s diverticulum), Lower Thyroid, Acute Side and Back Pains and Depression

Posted by @suekennick, Aug 3, 2011

About two years ago my husband started having sharp pains in his left side and his back also on the left side. Our family doctor just took a watch and see approach and at the time my husband went along with it. Each visit he would complain that he was still having that pain and each visit it was over looked. He then mentioned it to his GI (he has GERD as well). His GI added yet another med for him to take, This seemed to help for a couple of months. But the pain slowly came back again. He would say if we still had insurance I bet they would find out what this pain was. On 5/15 things finally came to a head while closing our business my husband was having all the symptoms of a heart attack. After placing a call to our family doctor I rushed him to the er. There they admitted him to the heart ward after testing and 4 days they found that it wasn’t a heart attack. Back the the family doctor more blood test finds that he has a low thyroid. More pain and then a CAT Scan is ordered. That’s when they found a tumor on the small intestines. About a week later the trips to the ER started. We made trips in every other day until they found his pancreas levels was elevated to over 700 then he was in the hospital for 5 days as they tried to “quiet down” his pancreas. I should say now that my husband has never smoked however he used to work in a very small office with a chain smoker. As for drinking he only has a beer maybe once a year. After then 5 days he was released only because he was due back in 3 days for surgery and they wanted to give him a few days outside. In the surgery they removed his gallbladder, 2- foot of small intestines, Meckel’s diverticulum, tumor, plus fixed a hernia in his bellybutton. Almost from the start the depression set in. It didn’t help when the news came that the tumor was cancer the name given was carcinoid tumor but not carcinoid syndrome to go with it. According to the oncologist they did get it all. It had spread to 2 out of the 19 lymph nodes that they taken out during surgery. When we mentioned it to our surgeon he was answer was “Suck it up” and spent the rest of the appointment playing on his computer and talking about the paper he wants to write about how this all presented. I know we have no insurance but couldn’t he at least pretend to be more into the patient then some paper he’s going to write? I asked about talking to a nutritionists and one doctor say this doctors office will set you up that doctors office says the this others doctors office will set you up and that one will point you back to the first. So after you blow your top at all the doctors for not helping you, you then turn to the internet where you compare Thyroid and Diverticulitis diets and just get totally confused. Had a really good week thought we was on the right track then on Saturday he eats something on the do not eat list because he forgets and he goes on a downward spiral. Was it just because of this one thing or is his body doing other things? Again the acute side pains along with the back pains returned worse then before surgery. This time pain medication didn’t seem to be helping. Last night (8/2) we was off to the ER once again where blood test where done and this time a CT Scan. Blood test came back normal. CT Scan showed nothing. The only thing was he left the hospital in worse shape then when he went in. The liquid that they gave him to drink for the CT Scan gave him cramps, cold sweats, bloating, gas. They gave him medication once he could lay on the bed they sent him to the scan. When he got back he was nausea, clammy, within a few minutes running for the bathroom. The doctor came in talked to us told us they didn’t find anything on the CT, do the B.R.A.T diet for a few days to see if that settles everything, for the depression he could have him hospitalized for 72 hours so someone could talk to him but would wait until he felt better. Gave an RX for some nausea medication for at home. Order medication to given before we left. After my husband was discharged they gave the medication. After the medication he started throwing up. After he started throwing up the doctor who had been taking care of him went home. Another doctor who never seen my husband gave an order for a different nausea medication to be given. My husband feels that no one cares to find out why he is in all this pain because we have no insurance. He is almost to the point of giving up. Normally he is a happy, healthy, work-a-holic so since he hasn’t been to work since May 15 for the most part he has come in and helped me until he gets worn out which is about after an hour. Can someone PLEASE help him?!?!



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Posted by @bunnypaw, Apr 18, 2012

Tell your husband not to lose faith and to keep fighting. theres’ always something newin medicine that’s alwys coming out.
3 years ago my husband (age 72) stated to have pain under his right shoulder blade that came around to the front under his right breast. He went to the Dr. nad they did a chest xray. Dr. said nothing showed up and said he probably pulled a muscle. He went to a chiropractor and got no relief so ghe just suffered with the pain. Then a year later his left arm stared to hurt real bad and I took him to the emergency room where they checked him for a heart attack . and his heart was fine, but they put him in the hospital for observation. The next morning his temp. went up to 104 , they did a MRI and seen a dark merly spot in the lower right abdomen. Did emergency surgery and found a carcinoid tumor on top of the small intestine. Which had grown big enough to colaspe the small intestine and closed off the blood to the large intestine. They had to remove a large portion of the large intestine, secum and small intestine. The Dr. said he would be okay with treatment, but only 16 days later I found him dead in his recliner. The corner said he probably had a blood clot go to his lung. I think he gave up and just didn’t want to fight Cancer. You got to have faith and pray things will get better. I will pray for you and him.

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