Cant get an appt

Posted by christianbabe410 @christianbabe410, Jan 13 8:07am

Im very frustrated as i am having severe respiratory issues and have been to many drs and none of the options they have offered are helping. I tried to get an appt and was blatantly denied with no apparent reason. I have nowhere else to try.

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Hello Christianbabe410, and welcome to Connect. Have you tested for Covid? That is something to consider if your symptoms have gotten worse. You can always go to a walk-in immediate or urgent care, and a lot of pharmacies have Covid testing.

I have allergic asthma and I need to make sure my environment is free of mold spores. If there could be a possible moisture issue causing mold growth in your environment, that could be a reason for ongoing issues. I have to treat my allergies, but also find that if there is something causing mold in the kitchen, it overwhelms my ability to control it. One culprit has been the garbage disposal because food particles get stuck on the inside walls and evidently grow some mold. What helps is to fill the sink with soapy water, and pull the stopper while running the disposal to clean it. Sometimes I use a brush with a long handle to try to clean what I can reach in the disposal when it's not running of course.

I did also consult a pulmonologist and he prescribed a preventative asthma inhaler. Have you been diagnosed with asthma or allergies?


What kind of breathing problems?

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