cant find primary tumor

Posted by linylou @linylou, Jul 25, 2012

Hello all I’m new and freaking out. After four rounds of chemo my doctor told to except to live three years to five! They believe the cancer started in the colon so they are giving avastin, oxiplastin and xeloda. I am only 35, in excellent health (except this of course).I’m looking for people who had success with this. Surgery and radiation they say are not an option. I’m in stage four.

Hi linylou. Welcome and I’m so sorry that your going through such a difficult time. When any of us become overly overwhelmed by something we need to talk to someone. In your case my dear I would suggest to have a further talk with your oncologist for more reassurance. I have not experienced what you are going through but I have a friend who is. Her support network of family friends are making all the difference to her approach. Take care please let me know how things go for you Piglit


Hi Linylou,
I get angry with doctors who pronounce “time limits” on a person. When you ‘accept’ what he says as gospel, then you make HIM ‘right’… Anyway, please don’t give in to that kind of thinking.
Have you heard of a book called “Brain Wars” by Mario Beauregard? It is life changing… and is about the psychological effects of what people BELIEVE when it comes to what kind of illnessness they think they have. It is written by a neuro scientist and easy to read. If you have a library closeby where you can check this out, I have a feeling it could be life changing for you.
Is there ANY kind of possibility that you can go to a clinic called Cancer Centers of America (I think that’s right!. You might have to Google it..) where they have a whole different approach. A positive approach!!
Anyway, good luck to you! I have a friend who just recently overcame brain and lung cancer because she fought with her positive ATITUDE…She ‘came back’ when they didn’t think she would. Keep up the good work, Linylou! You sound like a winner to me!!


Hi lynilou, Welcome, I am fairly new myself, about 3 weeks. I have not suffered from what you suffer from, but I have friends who have. Friends help so much and anytime you want to just talk, please post. There are some of the most wonderful and sweetest people on here. Be blessed my friend. Gerri


Dear linylou,
A person I knew was 46, started having blood clots, cancer finally diagnosed as colon, but there was no cancer ever found in the colon. The biopsies just always came up as having had metastasized from the colon.. It spread everywhere, final analysis, way after mets, they finally found the original cancer hiding deep in the small intestines. That was very difficult for the drs. to find. excellent cancer dx and tx really haven’t improved much from the 1940s. If drs would listen to every little word a pt says in their initial h&p, things might be different, but time is of the essence and I am so sorry they cannot find your site of origin. Hang in there. Don’t blame God. He doesn’t pick and choose. He doesn’t let this happen. It is what it is, sad, sad, sad…our priorities in this country are backwards. Pay the athletes/celebs $$$$, spend little on r&d. DO what you can to help make a change. God bless you. This earthly life is so very short and is only a temporary station.

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