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Can't Breathe

Posted by @jejensen, May 2, 2012

I was recently diagnosed with COPD. I am a past smoker so I feel like this was an easy diagnosis to pin on me. I woke up on 3/13/12 with shortness of breath and fatigue–No other symptoms (No Cough). I was prescribed Prednisone. I was then referred to a Gastroenterologist. I had a spirometry and was diagnosed with COPD. Nine months ago I had a stress test and passed with flying colors. I really don’t understand how I went downhill so fast. I was on Spiriva for a month but I was getting worse instead of better. This week the Dr. took me off Spiriva and prescribed Foradil. It seems I am just getting worse. In December I had a colonoscopy and an upper-GI-Endoscopy. Colon was good. Removed non-cancerous growth from stomach. Could I have something other than or in addition to COPD?


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