Cannabis use to stimulate appetite.

Posted by kathy2000 @kathy2000, Mar 1, 2023


I'm looking for information from others using cannabis to stimulate appetite in a pancreatic cancer patient. What works quickest to increase a patients appetite? smoking, vaping, or gummies? What THC/CBD content is best?

Would like to hear from anyone with experience in using it in this area. It is legal in our state but the store is full of products. I really need some help.


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My husband finds that 2 puffs of Sativa strain marijuana - mainly used for energy- helps tremendously. It ranges from 32-39 percent THC. He tried a few to see what worked best. He only needs it a few times a week.
He also takes a couple puffs on the way home from chemo and it helps the nausea. The anti nausea meds help a lot during chemo- he gets short term and long term. But it’s the car for an hour and a half or more that can set off the nausea.
He takes 2 gummies for sleep but each one only 5 milligrams- Indica strain.
Hope this helps.


I just started with medical Cannibis. The dispensary I go to has a consultation with the pharmacist to determine what is right for me. He recommended a balm for neuropathy and a pill help me sleep at night. Everybody is different, so it’s nice to have some help choosing what’s right for me. I have used gummy‘s before and it really helps with appetite. But I would think smoking is quicker. Do you have a Green Goods dispensary nearby? That’s where I go and they are
very helpful.


My sister was using THC early on in her chemotherapy - mainly as a sleep aid, but she said it didnt work well.

Turns out she was taking 5mg of gummy from the container marked - Hybrid (of Sativa and Indica), which when marketed as "Hybrid" means more of a "euphoria" mechanism. She should have been taking from the other container, marked Indica, which is usually more related to relaxation and drowsiness.

We switched her over, but gummies were not sufficient to assist in nighttime sleep in her case.

My understanding is that use of THC requires some study, and experimentation to find what works best for one.


my oncologist gave me a prescription for marinol. It was so strong, I could not tolerate it. It made me paranoid and unable to walk.

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