Candida among other digestive issues

Posted by mark8646 @mark8646, May 8 7:25pm

Has anyone had success with a long term candida and/ or sibo infection. I've had if for probably a decade.

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My functional medicine practitioner put me on keto diet , and told me take take special probiotics and this other supplement for Candida . The herbal supplement from Metagenics for it gave me bad heart palpitations. So I stopped . The diet didn’t help . Nothing in 10 long years has helped w/ my chronic digestive disorders. Six Gastros and 20 tests and 6 diagnoses they still cannot help me . I’m chronic and it’s horrible and I’m a medical mystery.
I’ve tried it ALL .
I did read about these medications that may help you . Let me know if you try them . Ask your Dr. Best wishes.
My next stop 🛑 is a full MRI that I’m going to request soon . They are missing something w/ me .


Taking an Align probiotic each day for a year greatly decreased digestive symptoms. Seldom get pain or cramps now. Do get bloating if eat sugar, yeast, or mold food (cheese, mushrooms, peanuts). Strong acidophilus pills reduce sinus symptoms. I was diagnosed 40 years ago, and had good years where it seemed cleared up. Probably overdid on pizza! Last 2 yrs bad again.

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