Cancer researchers begin blog series on kidney cancer

Posted by Nicole Brudos Ferrara @nicoleferrara, Apr 25, 2014

Winston Tan, M.D., an oncologist who treats kidney cancer, and John Copland, III, Ph.D., a kidney cancer researcher, have launched a blog series on Advancing the Science, Mayo Clinic’s medical science blog. Their blog posts will discuss cutting-edge discoveries and share their challenges as they work to make new discoveries. Read their first post.

I should have read your research post before i wrote this. You will probably not be interested since my tumor was benign, but i will leave this here just in case.

Doctors should ALWAYS tell their patients the effects of Ibuprofen on the kidneys when they tell someone they can take up to 6 a day!

I lost a kidney in 1999 due to an oncocytoma, benign. I also have fibromyalgia diagnosed in 1991 right after a flu virus. It felt like the fever and other symptoms left, but the pain is still with me to this day. Some of my doctors say the tumor may have been caused from taking too many Ibuprofen for the pain associated with the fibromyalgia.

Along with those two issues, I have others if interested. I have a long medical history along with many medications, if interested.

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