Cancer/ novasure

Posted by hpearrow @hpearrow, Jul 25, 2022

I had a ablation done in December of 2021 now here I am almost 8 months later and I have had one menstrual since then and I spot almost every day since the ablation was done Dr says I'm ok but they have found blood in my urine twice said was nothing to worry bout I'm worried been to three drs. Any ideas

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@hpearrow, by ablation I assume you are referring to an endometrial ablation, correct? Have you had a follow-up with the surgeon who performed the ablation?

Given the title of your message, it sounds like you are concerned that you may have cancer. Did you mention this concern to any of the doctors you’ve seen? Do they explain why you have blood in your urine? Like you, I wouldn’t be satisfied with a simple “it’s nothing.” I would want to understand why.

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