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cancer in the brain and the lungs and the back bone

Posted by @scared1423, Dec 15, 2011

has anyone had stage 4 cancer of the lung moving to the brain? If so what type of treatment did you get and how successful was it?



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Posted by @sharon518, Dec 17, 2011

Sometimes they can use radiation for lung, maybe for brain. Now in bones. They can also use chemo. Do you have a oncology doctor. Ask him what next. This must be a difficult time for you. I am sorry you are going thru a hard time.


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Posted by @elliott0206, Dec 30, 2011

So sorry to hear this… I just went thru this with my daddy.. He passed away nov 9. With lung cancer.. Then it moved to the brain.. He didnt want treatment.i wish he would had got some treatment… But he was already tired.. Worst thing please dont let yourself get depress.. It will only make matters worst.. I tell people now who i talk to who has cancer .. Please dont give up.. Keep believeing.. N yes there r treatments your doctor will decide what is best for you.. Keep your head up.. And everything will be just fine.. Best of luck to you…i will keep you in my prayers.. God bless.

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