Can you have a combination of hypo and hyper thyroid problems?

Posted by Morriela @morriela, Apr 30, 2012

Hello, I’m new here and starting down a frustrating path that I see in other’s posts. I have extreme fatigue, hair loss, intolerance to heat, palpitations, tachycardia, arhythmia, increased bathroom visits, sometimes can’t breathe (feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest), tinnitus, rosacea, back pain, etc., etc. The symptom that’s driving me bonkers is a tingling burning sensationf rom head to toe. The tinnitus is pretty rough too. I seem to have a combination of hypo and hyper thyroid symptoms. A doctor said that my thyroid was full of nodules (by feeling it). 2 weeks later another doctor said she didn’t feel any. Is it possible that nodules would overproduce, causing hyper, then stop producing, causing hypo? TSH came back normal, but my cousin’s did also and she ended up having her thyroid killed because of over-producing nodules. Thyroid problems run int he family.

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Hi Morriela,

I too, am confused about what happens when the thyroid has nodules producing extra T4 thyroid hormone. My thyroid has been enlarged since I was a child and I I have a sonogram from 2008 showing benign nodules on it. My TSH has been steadily going down for more than 7 years and is now below the reference range. I have many symptoms of hyperthyroid, but I have normal T3 and T4 levels.

I hope someone will post something to give us some ideas to think about.


i am thinking that you can go from hypothyroid to hyper,i will see my doc nov 7 to confirm but ive been hypo most of my life,diagnossed abt 8 yrs ago but in 2009 had to stop takinig levathyroxin due it making me feel awful, i did some research and found out its and iodine shortage(basically) our western diet lacks most i just quit taking the meds 2 wks of feeling worse one day woke feeling like i was 20 yrs younger full of energy,saw the specialist he sd is ws hypothyroid tsh of 5.5
since then i take only kelp tablets and have been doing great my #s came dwn to
2.9 in may 2012, suddenly 2 wks ago if id wake at nite i cldnt fall bk to sleep,thn afttr a wk of that i started feeling really peppy,so much so that my hands shook,legs shook,felt confused (have been sweating profusly all summer),just got my test results bk and tsh is 6.6,seeing my doc in 2 wks,bt did look arnd the net and some info sys can jump bk and forth,i stopped the kelp and im leveling off it seems with the symptoms,ill know more aftr the spcialist sees me, and by the way he told me kelp wont help,but hypothyroidism is basically and iodine shortageand its not only abt the #s its about how you feel

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