can you covid vaccinate when taking ZyrTec

Posted by rjtx @rjtx, Mar 8 9:16am

My son who is turning 16 soon. I'm trying to find out if we can vaccinate him by the time he is 16. A couple of years ago, he had some infection. after that he started to have itchy skin and hives. Dr. said his immune system probably became active because of infection and said he doesn't have true allergies. His symptoms disappear when he takes ZyrTEC. so he takes that every day.
He does get flu vaccine every year without negative reaction.
my question is that: is it safe to get COVID vaccine?
can anyone share your experience like this?

Unless someone has had an anaphylactic reaction to an actual vaccine, there is currently no prohibition or caution against having the Covid vaccine. Taking Zyrtec or another antihistamine is not an issue under the guidelines.
However, except for testing, and some people being immunized through the BIA Health Services on reservations, 16 year olds are not currently on line to get the vaccine. Consult with you son's primary care provider when it is time for him to get it.

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