Can Tymlos cause TMJ?

Posted by ssmillik @ssmillik, Oct 7 6:05pm

I’m in my third month of using Tymlos. Two weeks ago, I developed a bad TMJ flare so that it hurts when I chew or open my mouth wide. Could this be a side effect from the Tymlos?

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I looked this up for you and jaw pain or joint pain was listed. You may want to contact your doctor about your jaw pain. Prayers for relief & blessings….


Tymlos does not cause jaw necrosis but it is, I have been told, possible that growing bone could cause bone pain. I have not had increased joint pain, myself, but have had some bone pain. Have you talked to a doctor or pharmacist? Again, in my experience, bone pain occurred early on but eased up. Hope that is true for you!


I only have TMJ, no other bone pain. I’ve written my doctor.

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