Can some one pls see my lab report and guide me if my kidneys are okay

Posted by deeptomar92 @deeptomar92, Jan 6 9:30am

can someone please check my lab report and tell me what exactly happened to me
are my kidneys ok i'm worried as hell

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Hi @deeptomar92 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. For your safety I asked the moderating team to remove your personal information that you provided with your shared files.

Members in the forum aren’t medical professionals so we can’t diagnosis or offer treatments. However, we can use our experiences to help each other. Your doctor is the only person who can officially interpret your test results.

That being said, I’ve had hundreds of blood tests in the past 4 years with my blood cancer journey. It doesn’t make me an authority but I have a basic understanding of what’s normal and what numbers might point to a potential concern.
From my experience, I don’t see anything that raised my eyebrows with your tests. Your kidney numbers are all good and within the parameters of the medical tests. Same with the liver numbers. I think you doctor will want to discuss your cholesterol and triglycerides with you to get those numbers down. That might be just a matter of diet with reducing saturated fats and sugars.

Your blood results for red/white blood cells and platelets are generally fine with a couple fluctuations over the norm. That’s not abnormal to have some numbers with minor fluctuations around the ‘normal’ limits of lab values. Again, from my experince with AML, if there is anything seriously amiss, the numbers will be very skewed and far from normal.
Personally, if I had your blood numbers, I’d sleep very well at night. ☺️

Were you having any symptoms that led you to having the bloodwork done or was this a routine physical?

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