Can pre-cum make u pregnant

Posted by zat @zat, Aug 7, 2020

My man and I started off using condoms during the beginning and middle of sex, but towards the end the condom ripped and he kept going. He didn’t come in me but I worry about pre-cum causing me to become pregnant

Hi, @zat– Good morning. Yes, any time that semen enters the vagina and you are ovulating you can get pregnant. There is a lot of misinformation out there about pre-ejaculation. Here is a link to learn about this.
From your previous posts, it looks like you and your partner might be having difficulties in this area. If you are actively having intercourse you are old enough to see a gynecologist. He or she will help you with options so that you will not get pregnant and check to make sure everything is in working order with no disease. And I suggest that your partner see a urologist who will offer him options and give him a check-up too. I'm sorry that I ask personal questions but I want to support you and help you all I can.
I'm wondering how old you are and if you have ever seen a gynecologist?


@zat– Good morning. Can I help you with any other questions? How are things going?

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