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Can patient education & empowerment drive better care and improve hospital efficiencies?

Posted by @e32crew, Oct 31, 2012

Kathy Pereira- Ogan, Director, Service Excellence at Christiana Care Health System, discusses the importance of patient education and empowerment to improve care, along with technologies, like Interactive Patient Care (IPC) as being critical tools in this process.

According to Kathy, “People learn in different ways, so it’s effective when we can teach by action rather than just by explanation. Shift reports are carried out at the bedside, reinforcing participation and accuracy. We focus heavily on outreach to the family as well; we really want and need their involvement.

All of this makes the patients feel empowered – an equal part of the care team. We demonstrate that their voice matters. We work together to set goals each day. Better information on the whiteboard keeps patients better informed and encourages them to fully understand the procedures and protocols they are following… That’s how patient engagement improves care.”

What do you think — can tools and technologies, similar to what Kathy mentions in the article, be used to help educate and empower patients while in the hospital to make improved choices on overall health and improve hospital efficiencies in areas such as lower readmission rates?

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