Can Ozempic side effects be worse with Trintellix

Posted by dmaitland @dmaitland, Dec 26, 2023

I have been taking Ozempic for a year with hardly any side effects but since I’ve been on Trintellix my nausea is terrible and I often vomit-any advice?

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@dmaitland welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I am somewhat familiar with Ozempic but never even heard of Trintellix. All meds have side effects. These are printed on the inserts you get with your prescriptions. You could review these to find out if what you are experiencing is a common side effect. If so it may improve with some time to adjust. Another possibility that you’ve already considered is an interaction between your two medications. There might be some information about that on the literature included with your medication. If you don’t find anything useful there you could try asking your pharmacist. Last but not least is to contact your prescribing physician to discuss your concerns. It could be that this combination is not for you and your physician can consider other alternatives.

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