Can mental health improve if you can't leave your bed in dark

Posted by bobjr0812 @bobjr0812, Nov 23, 2022

I got on disability after my mental health began effecting my job and ruining chances of future jobs in the field I love. My mental health issues are quite severe. I relied on sun and a little daily exercise and I walk everywhere never drove. These things are what helped most. I haven't seen a light turned on or the sun in so long, except for a week I felt better after coffee enemas. Symptoms came back full force. Now confined to bed feeling like getting to the bathroom just a doorway down the hall away is going to kill me, no light no sleep Medicare charges hundreds and won't cover meds and paycheck is 300 dollars short for my immediate and most important bills and responsibilities every month I'm sinking farther I haven't eaten in 7 days I can't walk to a food pantry let alone carry some home.

Good luck to the rest of your but there is no hope when not a single health professional will let you inside and lost everyone I loved and knew all in one year. I was working so hard on my mental health getting to go back to work is all I wanted. But laying here in the dark for another year with no one, this world is evil and heartless and their is more hate than ever. There's no hope, so what's the point. Things can't get better so what choices are there?

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@bobjr0812, it sounds like you're in a really difficult place right now. Along with new symptoms and not feeling heard by medical professionals, loss and financial stress are making things worse.

Are you able to reach out to a support person? If you do not have support from someone close to you, you can reach trained counsellors at the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.
– Call or text 988
– Chat with a counsellor at
Chat is available 24/7 across the U.S. You don't need your phone. You can chat on your computer.


I’m so sorry things are so difficult for you right now. I wonder if your area offers Meals on Wheels, so you can get a warm meal five days a week. They recommend a donation, but will never turn anyone away for inability to pay. Or can your local food pantry deliver to you? I wonder if there’s a local church volunteer who’d be able to pick up a food pantry order for you. Also, with Christmas coming up, maybe you can be included in an organization’s Giving Tree for what I call a “Happy Light.” I suffer when there’s less sunlight, and using the happy light helps a ton. I hope you find some solutions soon. You matter!


@bobjr0812 I have long periods of long, dark depression and for me I try to look at tiny improvements. For instance, after staying in bed for many months and only going from bed to bathroom, I noticed that I had moved from bed to living room. It was a change, an improvement but something. Be kind to yourself.

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