can I get knee replacement with my present weight?

Posted by nitelark @nitelark, Jan 1, 2017

I need knee replacement on both my knees, I had an injury in 2006 n I have been on pain medication for many years now that I loss most of my teeth n still losing them ,I did everything I was told even had proximal gastric bypass , but I have gain some weight back since I cCan’t too much activity and now that has prevented me from getting my knee replacement. I have to battle with my former employer to pay for my knee replacement and I want but now they have put down Things that need to be done before I can have my surgery. I need to get off the pain pills I need to make sure my dental is in good health and they want me to lose more weight. I was taking 3 methadone pills that’s 30 milligrams every 6 hours and also Vicodin as needed in between. I suffer a lot with my eating problem because of having that surgery I get sick very often on foods that I eat what the bad part is that one day I can tolerate one type of food and the next day I can eat the same thing and it will get me sick. Losing the weight has been the hardest thing to do one would think that getting off the pain meds would be the hardest but it is but it is something that I am accomplishing. I have an appointment to get admitted into a hospital to help me get off the pain meds but I have reduced the amount that I take considerably on my own even though I have had many withdrawals in many different ways like my mood swings are really bad I get fevers my body aches so much But I needed to start it while trying to lose more weight and do the other things that need to get done so I can have the knee replacement. when I had the injury I had gained almost up to 400 pounds and I was told I was too young to have knee replacement so I was told I needed to have the gastric bypass if not they did not expect me to live another 5 years so having that choice I had to have the surgery I lost down to 200 pounds and I kept it down for quite a while but then my knee started to get worse and I gain weight up to 275 I have not been able Toulouse to go back down to the 200 I lost 25 and I am at 250 I just cannot lose more then that. this is just so hard to do cold hurts my bones and I don’t want to leave my room I try and watch what I eat. I try very hard to do the things I need to get done but I am in my room most of the time not wanting to leave Cold hurts my bones and there’s just not much I want to do because I cannot stand for a long time or walk for a long time and I feel very uncomfortable going out even to my children’s home when I go for a visit I just want to rush back home. I’m looking for is a doctor that is willing to do the knee replacement even though I weigh 250 pounds I’ve been battling with this for the last three years first trying to get my former job to pay for my knee replacement but in that time that I was waiting is when I gain the weight that now is preventing me from having the surgery. I am right now taking only one pill every 6 hours of the methadone and sometimes just to a day ice take the Vicodin when I feel that I’m eating another methadone I feel that that is one of the Lesser evils so I really can’t say how many Vicodins I take a day but maybe 3 at the most I still want to go into treatment at the hospital in patients so they could find another type of pain medication that is not open that will help me with my knee pain. I know that something was tried in the beginning that was not open and it did not work I can’t remember what medication they put me on and it just did not work and this is what made my doctor put me on methadone and Vicodin but I am willing to try again and find something else I hate taking pain medication I hate taking medication at all for anything but the pain medication I was not aware of all the side effects that it has and I am paying the price for that now losing my teeth is something that is dreadful for me and did not expect my family keep their teeth to very old but I am not one of those because of the medication I’ve been taking. there is no way I could save any of my teeth anymore and already Ventures are being mentioned and I’ve been wanting to have the transplant or permanent transplant but I can’t afford it and my priority is the knee replacement my doctor every time I go ahead put that as a reason not to get it done is because of my weight I’ve already taken most of my teeth out and I can get an okay from my dentist saying I could have the surgery but in regards to the pain medication I am going to get admitted in a week or two to the hospital to get off of what I have been taking recently and hopefully find another medication that is not open to take the pain away that I feel I am doing everything I am being told but the weight loss is just something I cannot get done I can’t afford any weight loss meals like Nutrisystem or or Jenny Craig I am in debt and my husband is one paying all the bills I just having a hard time losing the 25 pounds a doctor wants me to lose to have this surgery so I need to find a doctor that is willing to do the surgery with the way that I am now I am happy with my weight I don’t feel that I am overweight I am not looking to be a model or someone that needs to be very active I just want a normal life to enjoy my family and find a job that I like and can do knee replacement is a hardship for some but it is doable surgery still can be done but I need to fin doctor that can work with me and do this I have a lawyer who I need to talk to to see if I could change doctors because this doctor doesn’t seem to wanna work with the weight that I am on now I already lost a lot with the bypass that I had I can’t do no more can you help me

Hello, @nitelark, and welcome to Connect. We are not here to make medical decisions, but we can offer you a caring place to ask your questions. I can hear you calling out for help and for understanding. It sounds like you are in a complex set of circumstances. I predict that some of our readers, who are more familiar with some of your issues, will be able to address some of your immediate dietary needs and weight loss. Maybe they can offer some helpful information. I myself am unfamiliar with what you are experiencing, but I do care.
As far as the surgery, if continued weight loss is a necessity for surgery, then there is a solid reason for it. – Surgery is a very serious undertaking, and the demands on your body for recovery require that you be in tiptop physical condition. If I were you, I believe that I would have a calm meaningful conversation with my PCP about a weight loss program that he could help you manage. I don’t believe that a lawyer should or would convince a doctor to provide an unsafe surgical procedure to you. I would not want treatment by that doctor, would you?
I can still hear my mom’s voice, “This didn’t happen overnite, and it’s not going to go away overnite either. So get set for the journey”
I wish you strength and improved health in 2017.


Hi nitelark. I hear the desperation in your post. Nothing seems to be easy, does it? I suffer with the same problem losing weight. I commend you for going through the bypass surgery. That is a difficult thing to do. And I know knee replacements are difficult too. You are a courageous person. Now for the weight loss part — I can surely relate to that. Back in 2006, I too had the same directive by the orthopedic doctors. They wanted me to lose 50 lbs. I had been on many programs for weight loss, Weight Watchers, Overeaters’ Anonymous, South Beach, on which I lost at least 80 lbs., but they came back and brought friends. I think I messed up my metabolism so badly that now, it is difficult for me to lose any amount of weight. So, needless to say, I never got knee replacements! I am in pain any time I have to walk somewhere and use a walker to do that. At this point in time, I know what to do, I just need the will to do it. My mom used to tell me that I can do whatever I want to do if I only want it enough. Something to think about when embarking on a journey like this. Pretty soon they are going to tell me I’m too old for the surgery. I’m 77. And there is nothing I can do to change that. I don’t know how old you are, but I think the younger you can do this, the better.

My neighbor recently had both knees replaced and it has been a long procedure. However, he was well over 250 lbs. Perhaps you need to look for a doctor who will do your surgery at the weight you are. But, in saying this, I think the one thing that would be holding you back is the meds that you are on. As you know they take a toll on our bodies in one way or another. So you are on the right path in trying to get off those pills. I take Tramadol which I have been told is a ‘safer’ pain pill, although who knows about that! It doesn’t take all the pain away, but it does help.

I just wanted to share these thoughts with you and hope they help in some small way. I do think Mayo would be able to help you with all your battles: getting off the meds, losing the weight and getting knee replacements. And all at one place! I am not affiliated with Mayo but I hear such good reports from so many people that I am hoping to get there too.

In the meantime know that you are supported and I will keep you in my prayer.


You might consider stem cell therapy rather than surgery. I know a woman who did that instead of replacement and she is at least 100 lbs over weight. Hers has been very successful so far and it has been almost 3 months. Just read up on the therapy and be sure you have a very reputable doc like one at MAYO. A lot of “shams” and “scams” out there too so be careful. Mine will be done next week and then I will know more.

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