Can GLP-1 drugs like Ozempic be used when taking hormone treatment?

Posted by ozelli @ozelli, May 9 4:18am

One common side effect is weight gain when on hormone treatment. Is there any reason why you can't take these drugs in combination or will no docs currently prescribe it due to its newness and an obvious lack of supporting data that would indicate safety?

Headlines like this give us hope:

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@ozelli, that's a good question. Have you asked your oncologist about it? Like you, I suspect there is lack of evidence to know if there are possible drug interactions. I'd be interested to know what you learn from your oncologist.


I’m sure any data is sparse but if I need ADT down the I’ll continue my Rybelsus(oral form of Olzempic) to control diabetes and weight. Would do this unless clear evidence against safety exists by then. Of course I am already taking this for an approved indication. Pretty sure taking it to prevent weight gain would not be approved and drug costs are huge. As above, ask your doctor.


I was surprised by the lack of answers to my question to be honest but i guess most people think it to be primarily a vanity drug. It isn't .

Many members of my family (myself included) have dealt with issues of addiction and ozempic has a bit of potential on this point as well. I may have broached this subject too early.

Back in a year!

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