Can anyone tell me exactly what this means?

Posted by 2texasbears @2texasbears, Apr 14 3:01pm

I had a PET scan for my Oncologist and this is what the results came back with. I have a pacemaker and I’m pacemaker dependent.

1. Mild hypermetabolic uptake is noted about the pacemaker and along the leads, likely inflammatory in etiology. Recommend correlation for infection.
2. Interval postoperative changes of right hemicolectomy with resolution of previously seen hypermetabolic focus within the ascending colon. No hypermetabolic lymph nodes or masses to suggest metastatic disease.

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tissue /cells that are more "metabolically active" take up more tracer, discuss more in depth with the oncologist


Do you have an oncologist? I am no oncologist or doctor but I have seen where this can just be some benign result or it can mean a malignancy.


There is inflammation around the PM and its leads which makes the cells in the affected tissue more metabolically active. It is mild. They'll do some follow up, maybe to ensure you're not rejecting the materials or that there isn't some bacterial activity there. This is what I take from the statement.

Earlier, there was the same phenomenon near the resected bowel (??), but the latest determination is that it has reduced to unmeasurable levels.

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