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Can a fall progress Alzheimer's?

Posted by @anniegirl in Brain & Nervous System, Jun 24, 2012

I was wondering if anyone has had their love one with alzheimer's have a fall? Then to only see that person with the alzheimer's just progress or see them decline faster after their fall? If anyone has had the experience, please any feed back would be appreciated.


Posted by @piglit, Jun 24, 2012

Hi anniegirl.welcome. I work with people who have alzheimers and generally after they fall they can sometimes decline. However on saying that I have seem some that have fallen and it has not affected greatly. It depends on the persons stage of the alzheimers and also whether they have other health issues as well. A little more of a suggestion if I may is that a routine in place helps alot. re meals at the same time each day, showering or washing same time, getting up and going to bed at the same time. It generally works well with people who have alzheimers. If they are out of routine the confusion can increase. Hope this has helped you here anytime if you need me. Please let me know how things are going for you your family and your Dad Take care Piglit


Posted by @anniegirl, Jun 25, 2012

Thanks for replying Piglit. Well I have worked in a few places taking care of Alzheimer patients. Before the fall my father was in the mild to moderate stage. But in my experience ever one that I knew when they had a fall they pretty much declined faster. Well honestly my father flew by being struck by a truck. He broke his hip. It is after this traumatic incident that my father's Alzheimer's has progressed so much. I guess a fall was putting it mildly. But we are pretty sadden by this. My father is doing as good as can be. The best thing is that my father has all his family supporting him and loving him. Thanks again for your feed back.


Posted by @piglit, Jun 25, 2012

So sorry that this has happened to your Father. Please take care and let me know how things are going. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers It is good that you and your father have such a great support it makes such a difference as you know Piglit


Posted by @joanwilder, Jul 12, 2012

My Dad had Alzheimers, early to mid stage, Was living in a retirement apartment residence with and taking care of my Mom who was wheel chair bound due to combo - RA and vasulitis. She really should have had caregivers, but Dad never wanted to spend $ and thought he was doing it well.
Any how he tripped over a curb and hit his head hard, when I was taking them both for a walk. I washed the blood off his head, but it would not stop bleeding, so I called an ambulance. He was admitted to the hospital for several days, all kinds of tests, PET scan, the works. He couldn't figure out how to walk, and he didn't seem as well neurologically. They had no diagnosis.
I rode with him to a NH. He wanted to go home and take care of Mom and call his broker. I told him he was going to another place to try to figure out what was wrong.; that seemed to console him.
When we got there, he said ' Someone better go get my car for me, there' no room in your's with Walker riding with you'
Before he knew he didn't drive.
Then the admitting nurse, first thing,adked him: do you know where you are?
Of course he did not.
She said loudly and clearly.and right in his face: you are in a nursing home
He was VERY anxious all the time after that. He looked back and forth.
I said Walker and I will stay with at supper, We did but he didnt eat anything.
The very next day I was called to the ER. They had him restrrained in his bed, but he broke free - he was still a very strong 6' tall 200 lb guy- and he fell on the hard floor and hit his head again.
He slowly lost all his neuro functions. All of his kids and many other people visited him there, most seeing him when all he could do was smile and listen (his eyes showed he was listening). When we left for awhile, he died.
Although I knew that was coming, and we had all decided he would not want a life like he would have, I burst into tears and wailed and wailed.
None of the Drs, including the neurologist could identify a cause of death
I go over and over different things that might have caused his death, but I am not a dr.

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