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Came home from the hospital on Tuesday, and a doctor that is

Posted by @marylynette, Apr 19, 2012

Came home from the hospital on Tuesday, and a doctor that is very well liked at the hospital, is considered a good diagnostician and who at one time was my doctor is now my doc again. I am on thyroid medication, he will be giving me IV fluids weekly at his office for the next few months as he figures out what is going on with me and just what the best answers are for my health. He called in a fabulousdietician who gave me wonderful tips, I am going to be drinking , of all things, V8 Fusion with Protein powder which should give me the nutrients I don’t get because of my problem digesting food. The doc says I just plain don’t process liquids properly, I obviously don’t process foods, but he is sure that we can find a solution. His first goal is to get my thyroid straigtened out because it was so bad they considered me in critical condition. He said my body is basically broken down and has limited my activities to practically nothing, and said that it will probably take 6 to 8 weeks before I am feeling well enough for him to make any more decisions about just what is going on. He will be working with my Psychiatrist so that my meds don’t get messed up, but he said he is not sure about even discussing my case with the docs who pulled the IV and just quit thehydration I had been receiving for 5 years. He said that by doing that they basically put my body in shock and so I have just not felt well since that happened. For the first time in months I am feeling hopeful. Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts, they have been greatly appreciated.



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Posted by @piglit, Apr 19, 2012

so wonderful to have you home agian. Love Piglit


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Posted by @roxie43, Apr 20, 2012

I’m glad that you’re feeling hopeful…try not to let that go
Hospitals are not fun and I’m glad you were stable enough to be sent home. Just think about the experience in a positive light because you left with hope.
Take good care of yourself,

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