Posted by junie2 @junie2, Sep 23 6:35am

I have been trying to find calcium supplements. The only ones I find, seem to be combined with vit d, or magnesium.
I already take these on script.
Does anyone know where I can get just calcium supplements, and which ones are best.

Many thanks



Go on Pure Encapsulations website and you will see that their first listing of Calcium Citrate has only a form of vitamin c as an additive. Look up the ingredients on the other Calcium vitamins they list. Make sure you are on their website as Amazon and other third party sellers have this brand. It is a reputable brand. Get Citrate not Carbonate as Citrate is more easily digestible.

Personally I would not order vitamins from Amazon.

FL Mary


Thanks so much, just looking to see if they are in the UK.

Thanks again

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