Caffeine, the right amount for kids and teens

Posted by nadamh @nadamh, May 26, 2022

I’m doing a research and I’m relaying on Mayo Clinic resources, what is the right amount of caffeine for teens? I’ve seen some websites refer to Mayo clinic that it’s 100mg BUT I HAVEN'T SEEN THE RESOURCE ABOUT WHERE MAYO CLINIC SAYS THAT…please help
Thanks in advanced

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Welcome @nadamh, I've seen a reference to a study in this Mayo Clinic article but don't want to pay to read it 🙂 — Mayo Clinic Minute: Kids and Caffeine — Here is the study referenced in the article — Adolescent Attitudes and Beliefs Regarding Caffeine and the Consumption of Caffeinated Beverages:

The Mayo Clinic website doesn't give a specific recommendation for teens but does mention adolescents and young adults need to be cautioned about excessive caffeine intake and mixing caffeine with alcohol and other drugs. — Caffeine: How much is too much?:

Have you tried searching on Google Scholar? –

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