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Posted by @mfw, Jul 19, 2011

can someone tell me the treatment and how long they had this for?



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Posted by @tiaradee, Jul 23, 2012

Typically the first treatment is Metronidazole and if that doesn’t work then it’s vancomycin. My doc went from metronidazole to Alinia which didn’t help at all. I am now on vanco and have seen some improvements but not much. I’ve been battling this since may 1st. I was sick for a month and a half before being diagnosed with c diff colitis


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Posted by @tiaradee, Jul 23, 2012

Also take florastor two hours after your antibiotic to help the good bacteria flourish. Also if you have a whole foods or a store like that try to look for Goodbelly probiotic drink. I have it in mango and it’s pretty good


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Posted by @humando, Jul 30, 2012

I believe that Cipro is one of the antibiotics known to cause c-diff. I wonder why the doctors would prescribe Cipro for either one of you. Standard treatments are Flagyl first, then Vancomycin if needed. Also, if you search this site for “c-diff”, someone known as “MOCN” has offered up a very good recommendation for treatment. Wish you all the best.


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Posted by @sprinklergal66, Jul 31, 2012

After suffering from Cipro induced c-diff for two years, and I mean suffering and almost dying twice, I finally convinced my Dr. to do a fecal transplant. My granddaughter was the donor, she went on a simple diet for a week- she ate nothing that could not pass between the times of a fork, and my Dr. used a sigmoidoscope to place the sample in my colon. I was cured overnight. Simple, cheap and effective.

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