C diff, H pylori and Candida esophagitis

Posted by tlk @tlk, Fri, Oct 18 3:11pm

Hi there, I’m 36 and was diagnosed in August with h pylori and Candida by scopes. I was treated together for the Candida for 6 weeks w diflucan and the h pylori for two weeks w the doxy/Merton/omp/bis with my symptoms not subsiding. During a 2nd opinion they ran my 1st ever stool panel (I know now that I should have demanded this 8 months ago when my symptoms started) and found c diff. While the breath test for hpylori was negative I am still feeling all the same symptoms and am still losing weight down from 130 to 100. I am currently taking dificid and have only two days left on that Med but am still having watery diarrhea and also am incredibly weak w no appetite and the constant pain in my upper left abdomen. I know that the Candida is still there and will flare badly and cause nausea and vomiting. I have lymphocytic esophagitis which I was just told by a different dr is why my Candida won’t go away. My question is does anyone have experience with all this that could help with possible advice I am having a hard time finding things that are safe to eat for all three conditions. I am also scared since the symptoms are still present and I only have 2 days left, how long did watery diarrhea persist after dificd for anyone with experience? Also I am scared to treat the other conditions (steroids and more diflucan) which we can’t do until the Cdiff is gone but these may cause relapse. Thanks in advance

My opinion
Find a doc who can help bc of the obv … hpylori creates new diseases.

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