C.diff and stool variation

Posted by kirstaine @kirstaine, Dec 17, 2022

Tested positive for recurrent c.diff on Nov 28th after taking Augmenton forca sinus infection. Couldn't take vanco (vomited so much I had to go to the ER for fluids). Was placed on 10 days of Dificid and am now following that up with Dificid taper (twice a day for 5 days then 1x every other day until completing all 20 pills). I am on second round day 8 (no does). My stools have been varied from very soft Bristol type 4 and all the way to diarrhea multiple times a day depending on the day. Is type 4 which is very soft still indicative of continued infection? Is no movement on intermittent days (happened two days total in the entire treatment) considered indicative of any thing significant?

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Would also be interested in further comments. Thanks.

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