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After being hospitalized for a week, almost losing a portion of my intestines, finally testing negative for c-diff, my body was still not able to ingest food. I lost 17 lbs after being discharged from the hospital. The proper bacteria and flora hadn’t replenished. I was 1.5
months into being sick, constantly switching medications and diets, when I finally called a nutritionist. She took me off all meds and diets and suggested the following nutrients which are mostly powder-based, which means they absorb into your system immediately. Some of the items* are pricey, but TRUST ME, its your health and its worth it and i got immediate results (the day after) and continued to heal.

Natrens Trinity probiotics 1x daily (REFRIGERATED oil based)
acidophilus 1x daily (REFRIGERATED)
L-glutemine amino acid 1x daily (POWDERED)
vitamin c 1x daily (POWDERED)

Eat ONLY basmati rice (it has more nutrients than regular white rice.)
and buy/order “the ultimate meal” (800.843.6325) for your only other food. Mix this surprisingly delicious powdered meal replacement with unsweetened almond milk or with hemp milk (i add a banana.) Start with 1/4 of the suggested amount and move up gradually as you can handle it. This has all the daily vitamins and nutrients needed.

My nutritionist is one of the most knowledgeable and successful nutritionists in the Los Angeles area. She charges $175 an hour, but i felt compelled to share with everyone the success i had following her guidance with c-diff. all of the powdered nutrients and supplements allow for easier digestion. The nutrients go immediately into your system, rather than trying to digest regular food that has trouble making it down your digestive tract.

FOOD TO AVOID while healing:

fried foods
dairy (other than acidophilus)

These foods create a breeding ground which can cause c-diff to return. It is actually best to continue avoiding these foods for the rest of your life due to c-diffs 50% recurrence rate. Keep in mind that c-diff kills approx 15,000 people a year in the US alone. Take the supplements, eat basmati rice and ultimate meal. It cured me. I PROMISE.

* even if your town doesn’t have a natural foods store, these products are available online.


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