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By-pass open heart surgey

Posted by @gratefulgirl in Heart & Blood Health, Nov 15, 2012

Want to know if anyne has had a by-pass open heart surgery? I am scheduled for one in two weeks. What kind of pain is associated wit it? Did you have any fears? Any bad side effects? Or conversely, how low was your pain level? and how much better you felt after the surgery?

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Posted by @packers1, Dec 3, 2012

I had triple bypass surgery in Sept. of 2010. I am now 58. I thought that I was in good shape, exercised and tried to eat healthy. I did not have the main symptoms associated with a heart attack. I did feel some pain in my upper left shoulder when I awoke that morning around 5 a.m. The key is to have a good surgeon. Physical therapy is important also. For me it was a total of 36 sessions over three months .I try to work out three days a week using weights and aerobic activity. God Bless!


Posted by @jkg, Sep 5, 2013

Did you have traditional or the minimal invasive procedure? I have the same questions and concerns that you had. Any advice you would like to share on the outcome and what to expect? I also am scheduled for bypass this month. Thank you.

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