Buzzing in the left ear and sudden hearing loss

Posted by conniekay @conniekay, Jan 28, 2019

I had double ear infections which has now resulted in sudden hearing loss along with a sense of pressure and a constant buzzing sound in my left ear. I tried 3 different antibodies and a round of steroids . The infections went away but I have never regained my hearing and the buzzing is continuously there. I had an MRI but the results showed that everything was fine. My ENT basically told me that there was no explanation for this other than sometimes these things happen. Feeling frustrated and discouraged….

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Welcome to Connect @conniekay. How disconcerting that your hearing hasn't returned in your left ear after the double infection. You may also be interested in reading this discussion on Connect:
– Sudden Hearing Loss

Connie, how long has it been since your infection was cleared? Have you had a hearing test?

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