Buttock Pain

Posted by SWC @swc, Jul 8, 2012

I am a 16 year old male. I was diagnosed with a herniated disk a year ago. I was building a fort in the woods using downed trees and stacking them similar to a log cabin when something gave way in my lower back. Since then I have seen two different physical therapist, I have had an epidural, an injection into the piriformis, saw a neurosurgeon who suggested more Anti-inflammatory drugs said surgery doesn’t work all the time.I have not received any relief from any treatments so far. Its been a year and it is getting worse not better. I recently went sea kayaking and had incredible difficulty and pain sitting in a kayak. I am so worried about school starting in the fall because I can’t sit for long with major pain. I have trouble sleeping because I can’t get comfortable. Help! Anyone out there have any suggestions? After I have been sitting and I get up I am all hunched over for a while until I can straighten out.

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Hello. I am so sorry to hear of your pain and difficulties. I had problems like you describe where it hurt to sit and I would have severe buttock pain right in the middle of the buttock on both sides. I went to an Orthopedic MD and he had x-rays taken that showed my Sacroilliac Joints had scarred extensively and fused. He then ordered a HLA B27 Antigen blood test and mine was positive. He sent me to a Rheumatic MD who diagnosed Anklyosing Spondylitis (AS). I went to an AS Support Group where other AS people gave me advice and tips how to sit with a special seat with the tailbone area is cut out so I am able to sit longer than if I did not have the special seat. There are inexpensive ones online that are foam rubber seat cushions but they have designed them to have the tailbone area cut out. I hope this information helps you find answers and relief for your pain and difficulties.


I am very sorry to hear that , Why dont you try building up your core strength by swimming and doing lots of low impact exercises. And in the mean time ask your physician to give you some sort of support braces that could help you feel a little more comfortable in school…


If your diagnosis is correct, I think the best think to do is rehabilitation: therapy, exercise, swimming, stretching. Hot and cold baths. Icing. But make sure to check with Dr as to what therapy you need. Dr should be able to help you through your recovery. Take care! It’ll get better! Just be patient and work at it!

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