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burst encapsulated appendix/diagnosis Crohn's disease

Posted by @flatts, Feb 1, 2012

When i son was 19 he was diagnosed with Crohn’s by drs doing a simple colonoscopy. He eventually got so sick they had to hospitalize him at which time they recommened surgery. When the surgeon went in she found that his appendix was “obliterated” and there was a grapefruit size mass where his appendix should be. No evidence of Crohns. No followup treatment was done. He did fairly well for the next couple of years until last one year ago last spring. He was running and felt something pull under his rib cage near the surface of the skin. They discovered it was a infected cyst. When the surgeon went drain it it “popped” on it’s own and drained all over the table. No need for drain. Infection was not cleared completely when his gastro specialist put him on Humira. My son was unable to fight off infection, eventually turned into abdominal fistulas and he had to have his ileostomy taken done and moved other opposite side. Gruelling surgery, just heartbreaking. He cannot gain weight, is loosing, has no energy at all. My fear is if they put him on Crohn’s medication there may be underlying after affects from the original event. Could he somehow still have puss pockets in this body that have not cleared? What tests should they recommend? Desperate in Portland


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