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Burning tongue syndrome

Posted by @suzannemc in Brain & Nervous System, Jul 13, 2011

I have had severe tongue pain for over three years. Been to 14 doctors with no help. Even had brain surgery to sever certain nerves - no help! Then the other day I had a panic attack and ended up in emergency room where doc prescribed xanax. The end of pain was immediate!!!!! Anyone else out there?

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Posted by @beachgirl, Jul 19, 2011

Hi, my son has had pain under his tongue and the tip of his tongue has tingling sensasions. We have been to over a dozen doctors and now we are going to Mayo. He is on pain meds, xanax, and gabapetin. They diagnosed it as Glossopharyngeal, I'm not really sure if they areright, so we are very anxious to go to Mayo. You are not alone, hang in there, stay positive and never give up on finding help.


Posted by @margaretdaniels, Nov 8, 2011

My like has been hell. You give me hope. One doc put me on a drug Amitriptoline, and I was tripping. Did you ever find out what caused it ??


Posted by @journey000, Feb 25, 2012

I have had burning mouth and burning tongue syndrome for over a year. Lots of docs and no help. Finally through a wellness physical it was determined that I was taking way too much thyroid medication. Since it has been reduced my mouth and tongue have totally gotten better. My sister had the same experience and her thyroid medications were also off. I was amazed that the gastroenterologist had no clue. To quote him: "Tongues are not part of the digestive system, so I have no idea what is causing your problem."

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