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burning mouth syndrome,or bms

Posted by @sheetrock0131 in Just Want to Talk, Apr 18, 2012

Has anyone been treated and helped at Mayo clinic for this condition?I am considering going for treatment.I have been to many clinics in the Boston area,all they do is try different meds.If anyone has been helped i would enjoying talking with them..This has been an 18yr. long condition...


Posted by @ladenole, Sun, Oct 2 at 11:47am CDT

I noticed the left side enlargement of my tongue in 2007. It was causing mild burning pain at the time.... enlargement stays all the time, severe pain 70% of tree time and moderate pain 30% of the time. Nothing has helped, colds make the pain in my mouth go up exponentially. I have seen at least 20 different docs including several at jax mayo clinic. They only think i tell the truth about the pain i am in bc of the marked swelling of my tongue. Every blood test is perfect except a mild ana positive sign. No one can help. Going on ten years. My life has been greatly diminished by the pain. I feel crazy.


Posted by @sheetrock0131, Sun, Oct 2 at 2:20pm CDT

Sorry for your are not crazy.i am a 20 plus sufferer of bms.i live less than 6 miles from the Boston area, i have been to Brigham and womens,Tufts cranial facial and pain clinic,Beth Isreal hospital, Mass General Hospital. .There has been no treatment that can help this condition. Meds are the only source of temporary treatment. I am on Cymbalta,Clonazepam, low dose of Oxycodine. The depression is very bad.I am soon to be 67 yrs old.
There are no golden yrs for me.
This condition is so debilitating, somedays i feel like i just can't go on.
I now go to a pain clinic.I recieve nerve blocks,wich intail 25 shots a month.

I also have trigeminal neuralgia.
I am sad for all the people who suffer like me.BMS hits young,old,mostly women.Please feel free to contact me anytime..
I did recently read a story about a woman who suffered for many years with BMS, and she came across a Dr in Colorado.This specialist gave a tounge swab,and found out she was carrying a herpes germ, she caught.
They put her on Valtrex for a month and is rid of her BMS.

I went to see a infectious diseases Dr.Who swabed my mouth ,but found nothing.
She was lucky..
I would give that a try,you have nothing to lose..Good luck,maybe it will be worth the trip to Dr...


Posted by @mfelton, Sun, Oct 9 at 4:35pm CDT

I have had BMS for years and have just this past week taken something that has helped. I also have Neuropothy, The Neurologist gave me medication for that and it has really helped my BMS, I wish I had had it 8 or 10 years ago its really made a difference, the medication is Lomotrigine.


Posted by @sheetrock0131, Sun, Oct 9 at 4:41pm CDT

I a 20 plus sufferer of bms,and i.also have trigeminal neuralgia. I get anout 25 nerve blocks a month,for the neuralgia, but nothing has helped my bms.
Ive been to many hospitals in Boston,i am currently taking cymbalta and oxycodine, and clonazepam. .
It does interfere in ypur everyday life.
Its a debilating condition.
Somedays i feel like i just cant go on.
I also had accunpuncture, but sadly nothing helps..If you need any quest answered, please feel free to ask


Posted by @sheetrock0131, Sun, Oct 9 at 5:13pm CDT

Thank you for that information, im going to run it by my neurologist. .Any piece of greatly appreciated. .


Posted by @bjsday, 6 days ago

So sorry-this is very discouraging because I've only been suffering with the burning, pain and mouth ulcers for 3 yrs and was hoping to find some answers on this website. I've been to 9 different types of doctors with no relief and no diagnosis. After reading all these posts, it appears that there is nothing that can be done. I'm not even sure I have BMS. It was suggested by a couple of dentists that It may be BMS, or autoimune or lichen planis so I just don't know where to turn next. My question to you is have you found any mouth wash/toothpaste that does not burn. Also, most foods and beverages are impossible to eat due to my painful tongue or the burning. Have you been advised to stay away from any particular preservatives or food additives. I wish you well and hope there is help out there somewhere for both of us.


Posted by @sheetrock0131, 5 days ago

Sorry to hear your story..I will tell you ,lichen planus,is completely different from bms.My husband had it for quite a while.The symptons are ulcers in the mouth.He had it on his cheek,in the inside of his mouth.Its terribly uncomfortable, but with special cream,in no time,it was gone..BMS is completely different. He saw a specialist at Tufts clinic in Boston.I also went to Tufts cranial facial clinic,for treatment, but nothing worked.If you would like to discuss this subject further, please dont hesitate. .Im a 20 plus year sufferer..


Posted by @colleenyoung, Sun, Oct 2 at 12:12pm CDT

Welcome to Connect, @ladenole. I cannot imagine how difficult it is to not have found relief for almost 10 years. I'm tagging fellow members @mfelton @iluvkatz @uncbball and @susanlcw to bring them into this discussion as they have recently talking about burning mouth syndrome as well.

Ladenole, you may also be interesting in reading these discussions on BMS; one older, one recent:
- Burning Mouth Syndrome very severe
- Burning mouth syndrome (BMS)

What to you use to relieve the pain? What foods can you eat and what do you avoid?


Posted by @sheetrock0131, Sun, Oct 9 at 6:24pm CDT

There aren't any foods that will worsen bms.I have been on cymbalta,clonazepam, and a small dose of Oxycodine. Medication helps only to a point.There is nothing that can completely take it away.My bms started after a learning student gave me a novacaine ,and damaged my nerve.I will have it for the rest of my life..I pray for all who suffer..
Please feel free to contact me by private message.

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Posted by @colleenyoung, Sun, Oct 9 at 8:08pm CDT

Hi @sheetrock0131. Thank you for the further explanation.
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Posted by @mfelton, Fri, Oct 14 at 4:02pm CDT

l have had BMS for several years . hot pepper sauces helped me better than anything else I tried. I recently went to a neurologist for other problems and have been taking another medicine (lamotrigine) and it has helped along with pain pill.


Posted by @kanaazpereira, Thu, Oct 13 at 6:50pm CDT

Hello @sheetrock0131 and @ladenole
I cannot even imagine your pain, and how difficult it must be living with Burning Mouth Syndrome for such a long time!

In one of your first posts, @sheetrock0131, you indicated that you were interested in learning more about Mayo Clinic and it's treatment paths for BMS. Have you visited the Clinic's overview/treatment options page? If not here is a link:

I think you will find a lot of relevant information regarding BMS care at Mayo Clinic. Does this help prepare for your upcoming appointment with the neurologist?


Posted by @sheetrock0131, Thu, Oct 13 at 7:57pm CDT

Thanks for your feedback.I did talk to my neurologist about the Mayo clinic.His thoughts about it,was he felt he could do and treat me the same way Mayo does..I believe it's going to be trial and error.I have exhausted every Avenue I can,all lead me to the same place.My tounge continues to burn..I am always depressed,due to the fact ,this will stay with me for the rest of my life..It debilitates me..I wanted to travel to Arizona with my husband to Mayo clinic.We own a large r.v.and would have no problem going,but I think that the same treatment that I'm getting here would be the same there.I could be wrong..


Posted by @sheetrock0131, Thu, Oct 13 at 8:18pm CDT

Do you know of anyone who was treated and cured at Mayo???


Posted by @kanaazpereira, Fri, Oct 14 at 3:56pm CDT

Hi @sheetrock0131,
Here are some links that I hope will be useful:

Details about a BMS Clinic at Mayo in Rochester, MN

Although you are correct, in that there is no known cure for BMS, Mayo Clinic conducts ongoing research to improve the quality of life for patients with this chronic condition. This link will take you to research developments:

Thank you for starting this discussion on Burning Mouth Syndrome to bring together patients with the same condition like @ladenole @mfelton. Hopefully others will also join to help find solutions.

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