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Burning Mouth Syndrome

Posted by @phyllisrn in Just Want to Talk, Mar 5, 2012

I have had the Burning Mouth Syndrome for 17 years. I have seen many Drs. So everybody don't waste your money on them or your time. There is not a cure, so for anyone who says they have a cure, stay away from them. But there are various things that can make it better. The things that I read and hear, have placed this syndrome under the dentistry vocation to treat. Again, this is wrong. It belongs in my opinion with neurologist.


Posted by @tiina, Mar 6, 2012

I have had this for 6 years and have tried EVERYTHING. Now I carry ziplock bags wherever I go and snack on chopped radishes and lettuce. Also green onion and celery. Got tired of carrying mouthwash all the time and this way I can just chew it and don't have to use loo. Diluted oregano oil and tea tree oil give some relief too.


Posted by @dreamerone, Oct 16, 2012

what kind of mouthwash do you use
and who told you about it and the vegatables.
i am desparate for help
. been diagnosed wwith trigemeinal neuralgie but I am thinking i have BMS


Posted by @tiina, Oct 21, 2012

I use many kinds of mouthwash,keep changing. Biotene has one that is kind of milky with a calcium base. The vegetables I thought of on my own. Slippery elm lozenges last the longest,also licorice lozenges (DGL) are good. The burning never goes way. It is 24/7 since last spring. Also plain yogurt is good. To carry around some grocery stores have yogurt in tubes for kids lunches,very handy. Hope this helps.


Posted by @sherry8034, Mar 6, 2012

An oral dermatologist treats burning mouth syndrome. They are rare though. I saw one at Mayo Clinic and then they referred me to one in my area in Michigan that trained at Mayo.


Posted by @sheetrock0131, Apr 12, 2012

can you please explain the treatment?I am so desperate,i have thought about getting shots to numb my mouth...After 18yrs..I am at the end of my ropes..Nothing WORKS!!!!!


Posted by @sheetrock0131, Apr 12, 2012

i have been suffering with burning mouth for 18yrs..I have been to several neurogilists,with no cure in sight..I also went and had accupuncture and nothing..I am desperate for help..I have just been referred to Mayo clinic..


Posted by @missbret, Jan 17, 2013

I too just woke up with this condition. I took all the tests…cat scan, blood work…and tried all the homeo remedies. Then my neurologist prescribed Lyrica and I have been (almost) pain free since the second day. It is expensive. About $1 per day. But you can order larger dose SL tablets from Canada and split them. I just thank God I found the cure because I was ready to commit suicide if the condition turned out to be permanent. Hope this helps.

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