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burning mouth syndrome

Posted by @kennedy125 in Women's Health, Aug 2, 2012

a month a go out of the blue my tongue and mouth started burning. feels like eating hot buffalo wings and the burning sensation never goes away. after doing some research I discovered I have burning mouth syndrome I am in the mist of testing for causes and treatment. My neuroligist was dumb foundedl.just looking for someone who has heard of this or has it. need info on what to do.

Tags: womens health

Posted by Anonymous-7658af42, Jan 17, 2013

I too just woke up with this condition. I took all the scan, blood work.....and tried all the homeo remedies. Then my neurologist prescribed Lyrica and I have been (almost) pain free since the second day. It is expensive. About $1 per day. But you can order from SL tablets from Canada and split them. I just thank God I found the cure because I was ready to commit suicide if the condition turned out to be permanent. Hope this helps.

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