Burning feeling in the throat

Posted by pdilly @pdilly, Oct 17, 2019

Does anyone experience burning in their throat when they eat or drink? I’m not talking about heartburn down in the chest area — this is in the upper esophagus. I’m asking for a friend who has this condition. None of the docs she’s gone to have been able to figure out the cause.

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Yes I do. My dr says for me it’s part of my reflux disease. They literally call it throat burn. I’m seeing my gi again in November to revisit that issue. In the mean time I’m told to use a lozenge to soothe the area and NSAID if any pain continues. I’ve also been told the back of my throat is red and scaly from being too dry.


Thank you for replying @bonnieh218 ! She’ll be so glad to know that at least one other person in the world has this! She doesn’t have reflux or redness. Just the burning sensation. I’ll be looking forward to hearing what your doc says at your November appointment.

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