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bulging disk

Posted by @pamkirschner, Mar 21, 2012

My 11year old grandson has had neck spasms for around 6 weeks. We now find out from a MRI that he has 5 bulging disks. Has anyone heard of someone this young having these problems? Normal child plays baseball, basketball and all other outside activities. Started in his neck and then the other day his legs were like rubber bands. Thats where the MRI cam to play. Started physic al therapy 2 weeks ago because of his neck problem. If anyone has any ideas please respond. Thank you pam



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Posted by @bigred, Mar 23, 2012

Hi Pam! Give this to jesus sweetie! We should put our trust in god not in man! I want you to pray and believe that he is healed! Pray and believe in god!


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Posted by @piglit, May 20, 2012

Hi Pam you need a specialists opinion on this. Please go with the decision they decide. He is such a young boy, and care must be taken. Please let me know how you get along. Take care Piglit


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Posted by @misty0829, May 20, 2012

Hey. You might want to check into a chiropractor depending on the severity they might be able to do something!

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