Building the case --- we're getting rid of the "itch".

If you have been following my journey to be relieved of unexplained and uncontrollable itching, you may want to see me jumping for joy in a few months. After another six weeks of crazy, itchy, living, I was awakened at 5:00 am last Friday by some kind of combination pain/itch flare or attack. It was just in my hands….no where else. Jay held them for me. Every time he let go it would start again. Finally, I took enough medical cannabis to calm things down. It was then that I looked at my first post about the itch and it was in April of 2020. So almost a year. We sat down together on Monday with my dermatologist and her technician. We all agreed it was time to start building the case for admission to the Dupixent injections or infusions patient list.

She told me how much work it is to prepare my case for submission. I told her I would try to repay her for all the extra time and energy she has to put in to make this work. She can be my guest of honor at the "Goodbye Itch" party. What is important is that she report on every treatment, every medication that I have tried, and the results. There were a couple that we wanted on the list of failures and so I am working through that process with my "team".

For my part, I have upgraded all of my cosmetics, laundry products, and bath products to eliminate all of the Fragrance I and II known culprits. We also worked with my pharmacist to check every medication for possible interference. For example, one patient discovered that the eye drops she was using had sulfur in them and she was allergic to sulfur.

Actually, the product in my eye drops was not an active ingredient and so it should be o.k. even though I am also allergic to sulfur. We also checked on any possible conflict with gabapentin, no problem there. So…we are on the new plan which will be submitted as the final attempt. Talk about a needle in a haystack. She is quite worried about my deteriorating quality of life. I am just DONE!

I am very willing to help you if I can.

May you all be free of suffering and the causes of suffering.

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@artscaping – Thank you for sharing this update Chris. Hoping this is finally the answer for becoming itch free my friend.

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