Bronchiectasis and rib cage pain

Posted by myrnamae @myrnamae, Dec 15, 2017

I have Bronchiectasis and have rib cage pain. Does anyone else have this and is it typical ?

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I dont know if it is typical but i have had rib pain which has ceased since the big 3 plus IV Amakacin…mlbidgee


I cold not take amikican, affected my kidneys


@myrnamae Hello Myrna Mae! Welcome to our Connect group. I am sorry your rib area is hurting. Been there, done that. I used to get pain around the rib cage from pulling muscles there, (due to violent coughing). Are you coughing a lot?


Not sure if rob pain but having back pain around area of the lungs. Use heating pad on low. I hv fibrosis and Bronchiectasis. No MAC. Seeing pulmonologist this Tuesday 18th. Take care


@myrnamae…Some rib pain is typical due to the constant coughing. However, I had
severe pain around my entire chest from the irritated nerves. Acupuncture helped me stop the pain and cut way down on the coughing, so consider this option if heating pads, relaxation and preventing exacerbations don't work.

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