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Bronchial tube scarring

Posted by @admiral2 in Lung Health, Jan 25, 2012

My wife has a condition called bronchial tube scarring in which she can only take in 45% oxygen and has to be on oxygen 24/7 or can't do any walking. The doctor has her on spireva but I can't believe they can't do more for her , especially in this day and age. Please if any one has any info or the same condition we would really appreciate a disscusion on the subject. Thank you, John& Pauline

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Posted by @bearylynn, Apr 15, 2013

spireva and advair contain lactose as the powder. the lactose 'contains milk protein' according to the package insert. milk protein aggravates my cough. my pulmonologist worked carefully with me to find an effective medication. it took over a year and several trials that actually aggravated things, but finally found great relief with ALVESCO inhaler. i also know others for whom spireva made things worse. inhaled steroids and bronchodilators can also be delivered via air chamber or nebulizer which are more effective.


Posted by @admiral2, Apr 15, 2013

Thank you very much. We will check with our doctor. J&P

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