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breathing problems

Posted by @kanokie, Aug 27, 2011

I will have my first appt in Sept, 2011. I am going to Mayos because of breathing problems copd, chronic cough & etc, anyone out there that is going or has been treated for this. any info would be appreciated.

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Posted by @suzi, Sep 11, 2011

I have COPD/EMPHYSEMIA. They(DR) are treating mine with spiriva; advair; and I do a breathing treatment every morning. ( albuterol) I’m good to go for the day. I carry an inhaler with me all the time (pro air) Believe me, it comes in handy . You never know when a smell will trigger you to the point that, your having a little hard time breathing.

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Posted by @maxie, Dec 28, 2011

I also have copd.Been taking Advair 250 and Spiriva.I am trying to get off Advair,any ideas?I have been on it for 12 years,the weight gain and the steroid makes me more out of breath.I have been weaning myself since I was in doughnut,and meds became costly.I seem to be doing very well!Any ideas?comments please if anyone has gone off advair!thanks!


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Posted by @debilou, Feb 29, 2012

I also have COPD.. I am no longer on Advair as it caused my voice to go and acid reflex .. I am on Spiriva and Symbacort .. These two together are doing the trick for me. I still carry my inhaler where ever I go, just in case. My weight gain was a big issue as well, with the Steroids… but it is a sometime that does wonders to the lungs .. one of those catch 22’s .. bad side effects or breath better ! I rely on my steroids only when my breathing is really bad, and then I have a regiment to taper off for 10 days. (approved by my pulmonary dr) Some people love their Advair, but for me, I improved more with it . good luck!


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Posted by @kidd, Oct 23, 2011

i have been diagnosed with hyperinflated lungs which my dr. called COPD. I am scheduled for a specialist the end of Nov. I’m wondering what it might be like living with this ailment. The most bothersome part so far is when talking I’ll all of sudden get phlegm in my throat and have to stop talking and take a couple of deep breaths to get past it. Anyone else have that problem?


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Posted by @6021neal, Dec 3, 2011

Treatment depends on how advanced the conditiion is. They most likely will do a lung function test, to see how bad your lungs are. There are medications that can help some, such as Advair, Spiriva, Albuterol inhalers ( puffers ), Symbacort, Daliresp, sometimes a steroid such as prednisone. If your condition is bad enough, you may have to go on oxygen therapy, which is where I am at now. Let me tell you, IT IS NOT A PLEASANT LIFE !! I can not think of any sensation that would be worse than not being able to breath. Of course, I smoked cigarettes since I was 15, and I am now retired., so I guess the damage is self inflicted. If this is your first appt., you are probably not as far down the road as I am. GOOD LUCK TO YOU !!


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Posted by @6021neal, Dec 3, 2011

P.S……. I finally did throw tne nasty cigarettes away, 3 months ago, but I guess that is like closing the barn door after the horse gets out.


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Posted by @jm, Mar 1, 2012

I am just realizing that what I thot was heart trouble was COPD after a breathing test. Spiriva was recommended. Glad to hear it is doing well for some of you.
It is awfully expensive and I had heart palpatations after a dose (also had climbed stairs) so hate to have to take it all the time.
I just know it usually hurts to breath and I used a couple of pillows at night or ,as the ad depects, I feel like I have an elephant on my stomach: ) : (
I’m 76 and haven’t smoked in 25 years altho I did a lot before that.

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